The Rocket man and his flyer
The Rocket Man is the FIRST one to fly (REALLY fly!) a Fiddlers Green Airplane (story below)
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 Dan's Flyer at launch Here are a few shots and a bit of the story of how I got the FG Ryan to fly.

It all started with this e-charger airplane my Mother-in-law gave me for Christmas as a bit of a gag gift. Well I played with it and it got beaten up pretty quick. Being a bit of a tinkerer I started wondering what else I could do with it. As you know a whole lot of people have asked about making a free flight paper model so I thought it might be a good match.

I chose the PT-16 Ryan trainer because it has nice big wings and was close to the size I needed. So I removed the engine from the e-charger using an x-acto knife I took the engine and mounted it in the cowling of the Ryan. As you can see it was a close fit.

I built the rest of the Ryan as normal except I left out the instrument panels and seats. I also added a couple of tabs to hold the cowling in place. I slid the engine and cowling right into place and glued them.Ta-Da, finished Ryan. All that was left to do was take it outside, charge the engine, toss it lightly into the air and then watch and pray .

It flew just great although I can make some suggestions to anyone else building free flight paper aircraft. One thing I would do is make sure the plane has a nice dihedral. I didn't build quite enough dihedral into mine. Also make sure that you cut the rudder so that it can be adjusted to compensate for torque. This project took me a day to build and fly. Now I've been ordering micro engines and already planning my next flying FG model.

 Dan's Flyer well away!Still flying. Climbs great !! Bit of a turn to the left issue (construction no doubt). Needs increased dihedral for better glide effect. When the engine dies the flight goes south in a hurry. Pulled a lawn dart but went on to fly five times. Final flight made with one missing landing gear after earlier flight damage. A coat of lacquer would add weight but would increase strength considerably. In the next flying model I will increase size a little more and add the lacquer. Also future flyers will have a lithium battery and a micro electric engine. More time on glide tests in the future but dang, it flew.

The company that manufactors the model and motor is Spinmaster Toys.

Dan is well deserving of the 'handle' Rocket Man, having designed quite a few really neat space craft models- one one which is John Glenn's Mercury Space Capsule.

There's a FREE rocket waiting when you visit his site:


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I was also planning on doing a motorized model but due to the fact that my shop has been used as a storage dump for about five years I kept putting it off....However, since I retired I have been cleaning it out and being inspired with Dan's success I will soon be working on my first motorized model too...It is my intention to break the Guiness Book of World records for the longest motorized FG flying model flight....If you know off hand which of your planes has the longest and widest wings it would help me out by saving me from downloading each plane and openning it up for inspection.... Any suggestions are welcome...What do you think? Should I be over confident and offer a challenge to the group with a little bet on the side? I should probably wait until I'm airborne (so I don't embarass myself as usual). Barry (1/19/02)

When asked this, I can't think of any better plane than the CUB (freebe).. What I'd do Barry,,<g>, is print the wings and tail feathers enlarged to about 110%.. The Cub's CG and lift vector location is such that it can handle a pretty hefty motor and fuel stash... Perhaps even a CO2 job might work well. Electric motor powered by watch batteries? And I'd wait till I did it, before I challenged the group :-))...
Crow is yucky.. Good luck ...chip