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About Fiddlers Green:
I remember a few things about a 'normal' job-I had a few back in the early 60s. Commuting to and from work and that was long before traffic got stacked up every day and forcing one to breath in all that exhaust pollution. Office politics and how it stinks. Being a very little cog in an incredibility large wheel and never listened to.

Spending the two weeks vacation dashing off to the lake, beach, or mountains.. Enjoying life for an instant- then going home to pay bills, mortgages, taxes, yardwork, neighbors.. and getting up early to go to work again. You don’t own a house, it owns you. You work to pay bills to allow you to keep going to work..
Not for me

A few hard choices:

Annie and I first had a home in Chandler, Arizona for the winters then boarded it up to travel up to the Oregon coast or ‘way over to New England for the summer. We loved it so much, we got rid of the house and bought a nice large (used) motor home and became full-timers a few years ago. We still stay in the warm desert November till May and turn the key to go somewhere cool and green for the summer. more

Electric power is (pretty much) courtesy of the sun via 7 solar panels up on the roof of our RV. Internet any where in North America is via satellite. In the heart of winter, because the days are short and the sun is low, it’s nice to plug into one of the gazillion RV parks in Arizona. ($350/month including electric).

A good amount of our ‘stays’ are in National Forests and Wal-Mart. Don’t knock overnighting at Wal-Mart. The all-night shopping and free 24 hour security service is unsurpassed ! {G} We’re always meeting fun people.

Ideally, someone interested in working here at FG needs to be able to have a big yard sale and buy a RV (from $10,000) or if you have a truck to pull it, a trailer (from $3000). Can't swing it? We'll help


About Fiddlers Green: is the largest (by far!) internet cardmodel site in the world with over 100,000 hits/DAY !! Incredible marketing opportunities pop up most every day and we really need an internet marketing person to follow up on them.. There are only 5 other FGers so you'll be a wheel-not a cog- and share directly in the profits and even eventual ownership.

Sharp SEO skills required. Knowing MySQL and PHP a definite plus


FG has evolved into quite an educational and crafty enterprise and, being almost 70, there’s no chance of it continuing as it after I leave this quickly warming earth. Now is the time to grow or quietly go.

I’m up for the former... and people who come into FG now, learn the ropes and get with the program will be the future stewards and probably the actual future owners. (My kids couldn’t care less about continuing FG).

An interesting side is that the overall running of the business is already programmed to be so automatic that it’ll be selling models and downloadable CDs- and banking money- as long as there’s an internet. That might be for quite a while.

FG needs an internet marketing person and (maybe two!) website/office person(s). If you’re interested in working with FG and are just not able to be mobile, let us know please. Both positions possibly could be networked after sufficient training
* Knowing MySQL and PHP a definite plus

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