P-39 Airacobra Announcement

WWII Airplane- the Bell P-39 Airacobra (new announcement format)
PLUS the first chapter of our So You Wanna Design Cardmodels..

Modeln’ Pal,
The last few weeks have been spent getting the P-39 Airacobra ready with eight versions (two scales!) in all.. P-39 Airacobras havin fun

This was a strange little fighter with an even stranger history but came through as a hero for the Russians vrs Germans in WWII. Tricycle gear, engine buried in the fuselage behind the pilot, and a massive cannon popping out of the spinner- Britain gave it thumbs down but Russia couldn’t get enough of them. Look for your P-39 under ‘WWII and/or WWII Allies Collections’.

We explain how to rig your Airacobra’s spinner with a drinking straw cannon so as you strafe your (provided) Panzer, BLAM!! Knock it out with little cannon-like spitballs. (Kill responsibly!)

We have a great Airacobra webpage that explains all this along with tons of images. Plus photos from Bob Martin showing how easy it is to make a clear canopy using ordinary scotch (clear) tape.

If you have Magic Keys, you have a free Airacobra plus a Panzer Tank as a little bonus accessory. Download them or subscribe to a storage folder for just $7.50/year and get all the new versions and corrections. BTW, this models was released about a month ago and we've pretty much worked through all the little problems.

This ones' different. .
Just like the real Airacobra, this model comes with a spitball cannon and we explain how to rig your Airacobra’s spinner with a drinking straw so you can strafe your (provided) Panzer, BLAM!! Knock it out with cannon spitballs. (please kill responsibly:)

Fantastic Clear Plastic Canopies- So easy to make !!
The webpage even has step by step photos from Bob Martin showing how easy it is to make a clear canopy using ordinary scotch (clear) tape. The Airacobra (8 versions) and Panzer are just $7.50 to buy.

For all you Budding Cardmodel Designers:

We’re always being asked about cardmodel designing so starting with this newsletter, we’ll be offering design tips and projects to help you get started. This is the leading edge of a fun cardmodel on-going instructional designed to get more hobbists and especially new designers into the fold.

You’ll start out with a few interesting introduction pages. We’ll have a new chapter PLUS a free model with every news letter (including this one!). These first lessons are aimed at Halloween decorations then, a little later, about designing little buildings so hang with us. You won’t be sorry.

We now Speak your Language:

Really good news (and thanks to Google Gadgets)
About half our valued Modeln’ Pals are foreign.. Look up at the left hand corner and notice that every Fiddlersgreen web page now is available in other languages. . We’re working on getting our newsletters multiligual as well. THIS page should work. Try it (no emails please :)

Cardmodelers Convention coming SOON!

The 12th International Paper Modelers' Convention over the weekend of 23-25 October will again be held at the Hampton Inn and Suites, 22700 Holiday Park Drive, Sterling, VA 20166 (phone 703-537-7800). The schedule is much the same as we have had in the past: Friday (23 Oct) set up starting 5/6 PM with a sandwich buffet; Saturday (24 Oct) open to the public (hours to be determined but probably 10 AM to 6 PM);

This year Fiddlersgreen will have three display tables and if you can make it, you're invited to come and display some of your best work on us. If you're workin', why not take in the whole can of worms?? Click HERE for lots more info. We're going to be selling a few of our slightly out-of-date CDs for 10 bucks each. These usually are missing just the latest release or two.

Other new stuff..
We're back in Apache Junction for the winter getting fired up to find:

A) the perfect marketing person.
B) and part time programmer

Business has been slow indeed but by running Google ads, we're getting in quite a few new cardmodelers (25/day!) and some have become good Modeln' Pal customers. These guys are keeping us going.

Annie and I are in good health.

We're working on the Bell Airabonita and the Bell Kingcobra..Perfect partners for the Airacobra..

Stay rested and healthy over the flu season. This is serious stuff