I'll try to be humble...

 Name: Chip Fyn

Sign: Cancer (let's go with 'Moon Child')

Passion: Fiddlers Green, Sculptor/Artist
Age:71 years young.. but who's counting
About Name:
Originally in Aerospace Engineering, then a florist, eventually sculpting .I used to carve in wood as a living and was always covered in wood chips so my friends started calling me 'Chip'. I adopted the surname 'Fyn' after one of my 'life's influences', Huckleberry Finn.

Ahem,... Other Nicknames? Well, it's a very 60's thing, isn't it. We were all changing our names back then...sometimes a couple times a month. When I went to live in England for a while, I though it would be nice to have the surname "Mudget". It was fun and it worked but I think 'new' names are kind'ive old now in the 90's.

All the cards I did in England have 'Mudget' on them. The models I've done with the computer in 1998 have a 'mudget/fyn' signature. It's a shame, but people tend to wonder suspiciously why you have an alias. I look at it as another new life!

My Hero: I once met Igor Sikorsky when I was about 10, then worked for the company in the late 50s and early 60's designing life saving helicopters until they changed them over to gunships for Vietnam. Krazy Kat (you can look him up on the internet) definitely is one. There's a few others.

Favorite food: SauerKraut Soup, left overs and whatever else we're havin'

Favorite Thoreau quotes.

 The Ballad of Chip Fyn

Come and listen to my story 'bout a man named Fyn
A hard workin' artist trying to keep from gettin' thin
And then one day in his eye there is a gleam
And up pops a shop known as Fiddler's Green

Paper, that is...
Cut 'em out...
Glue 'em up...

Well the next thing you know Ol' Chip's a hundred-aire
And his buddy Al Gore said 'Come and prosper here!'
Said 'On my Internet's the place you oughta be!'
So he hopped aboard a jet and he moved to Ari-Z

Chandler, that is...
Summer heat...
But it's DRY heat...

Well now it's time to say hello to Chip and all his kits
And he would like to thank all those who help by buying it
You're all invited back again to this page on the net
To have a heapin' helpin' of what's comin' to you next

New kits, that is...
Magic Key...

This little ditty was created by my Royersford, PA pal.. Tim Good
There's more here...

 Chip and Annie
 Left is a photo of me and Annie, in front of the RV home formally known as 'Happy Home'. We had to paint the words 'Happy Home' out because it was causing problems with the more 'establishment' type neighbors who envied our free-wheeling and mobile lifestyle. It's still a wonderfully happy home, I'm sure..It was sold to an artist lady for $1500, and was last seen aimed toward Iowa.
Chip in .89
This is a photo of yours truly while in the States selling Western Villages to raise funds to keep our FG operation in Banbury, England afloat during the economic crunch over there. It just put off the unovoidable

Annie and Missie-Me and George
Our Family- George(left) Missie (right)
Arizona Sunset
Arizona Sunset- This is how they usually are !
Superstition Mountains
Superstition Mountains, Apache Junction, in the early spring


Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in
a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside,
thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming -- WOW!! What a

Then there was the special day we got to 'do lunch' with our banker. Afterwards, I noticed a complete change in Annie's personality.
 Us and our Banker
(Never quite figured out what he was gesturing.)
Yours truly (left) age 15, from a Bridgeport (Ct) Post newspaper article about the annual town crafts show. The LH wing star was on upside down till I changed it with Photoshop about 35 years later. Can't remember making a miistake since :) Above is a 1944 photo of my sister and me just before the end of WWII.

Oxfordshire 1982
In the early 80s we enjoyed this Narrow Boat..Desings for the English series of buildings were born in this while cruising through Shropshire and Wales.. Joe Dunn is doing a great job of steering

Prior to moving into a motor home, I had 'proper' homes all my adult life. I had also spent all of my adult life maintaining and struggling (without a whole lot of success) to keep 'proper' houses.

Concrete casting of WOODEN Indian Lash's  Place, San Mateo, Ca
This is a carving I did for Lash's Place, a nationally famous for a "Hair Cutting Experience located at 1626 Palm Ave, San Mateo, CA.. (Lash is on the right)
(Right photo) Dana and Chris bought one of my Keystone Kops in 1984 from a previous owner.
.AND the signature on the back
Another Keystone Kop Keysstone Kop circa 1972
It sold new for $800 in 1974. They got it for $100
PR Literature ffor the early (1967) Chip Fyn

Cookie HIll

Cookie Hill was originally meant to be just a studio in the Sierras and I hand crafted it for over three years with more indigenous magic than you can imagine. The tower was the bed room and above it was a Glockenspiel I put together from old aluminum tent poles. The blue arched door was the outside entrance to the shower room.

When I went to live in England for a while, squatters thoroughly trashed it. The county sheriff and building department cited me for 'renting sub-standard housing' (duh..renting to squatters?!) It was trashed beyond recognition so the county leveled it and sent me a $23,000 wrecking and dumping bill. People who have seen it tell me that pretty wild flowers now grow in the vacant lot.


This sculpture of a hobbit, Bilbo to be precise, guarded the main entrance whilst holding up the porch roof with his head. The door on the left went in to the kitchen. All beams were hand hewn.Walls were of river rock
.Hobbit standing guard

Chip Fyn carving

 Missie - the cutest Westie Ever
George kept bothering us for a mate and THIS was it..Missie Dot Com!

  Grown upMissie posing on stairs


the familyThese are strangers we met at a park in upstate NY who had no trouble posing with Missie's pups.

Just over the left shoulder of the chap on the right is the lower RV storage compartment we set up for the puppies.. A hole cut out of the floor in the bedroom with a little carpeted ramp gave Missie 24/7 access to her pups and, of course, the outer door opens on the compartment for access and cleaning. A hand held vacuum cleaner and baby monitor connected to 'upstairs' were added.

...and this is George J. Peg
At Lake Havasu
Steps of RV
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