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The Avro Baby was a single-bay biplane of conventional configuration with a wire braced wooden structure covered in canvas. It had equal-span, unstaggered wings which each carried two pairs of ailerons. Initially the aircraft was finless and had a rudder of almost circular shape.

Avro Baby

Avro Baby



Avro Baby submitted by Bob Martin


Spirit of Bert Hinkler


Baby Avro Sketch

The legend says that every night, at sunset,
the Spirit of Bert
Hinkler's emerges from the clouds in his Avro 534 Baby. It's never
at the same place on Earth. I took those pictures in Cap-des-rosiers
(in the Gaspe peninsula, Quebec, Canada). The plane flew several
times over the light house and some whales who seemed to be at the
rendezvous... The pilot seat looked empty... another proof that it
was Bert's Spirit at the stick! I waved and Bert answered by tipping
the wings several times.

Proud to share the pictures of this great
moment with you my friends at FG.
Jacques de Quebec

Thanks Jacques !!


Baby Avro Illustration
Baby Avro
Baby Avro
























Avro Baby Submitted by Bob Martin

Mag Men Mobile Submitted by Bob Martin